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R.Greenleaf West Side Dispensary: A Testament to Growth & Innovation

Our R.Greenleaf West Side Dispensary location was the second R.Greenleaf store to open, and we consider it a testament to our growth and innovation. Over time, we’ve grown  from a small shop into the thriving dispensary you see on Ouray Road today. Nestled in a bustling plaza with big box stores like Home Depot and Walmart, R.Greenleaf West Side has become a central hub for cannabis enthusiasts, serving not only West Side but also welcoming patients and customers throughout the South Valley, and surrounding areas.


Bigger Space, More to Offer


About two years ago, R.Greenleaf West Side moved to a space with more square footage so we could better serve our customers and offer even more selection of our carefully curated product. Despite being in a commercial plaza, when you step inside, you wouldn’t know it. Our West Side location is beautifully designed with an abundance of lush greenery and elegant gray marbled floors. We have a central island featuring products and budtenders at service counters around the perimeter of the store.


A Fast-Paced Location


What sets R.Greenleaf West Side apart is our fast-paced environment. As Store Director, Mick Strange, who has led teams at three different R.Greenleaf locations, explains, “West Side is much more fast-paced, even how quickly our customers want their transactions to be. They’re coming to and from work, they want to get in and out as quickly as possible.” We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service efficiently, ensuring everyone gets the attention they deserve, at the pace they want to move. Our team is not only friendly, but also really knowledgeable, which allows us to guide you to the right products more quickly.


Where Accessibility Meets Quality 


We believe in making our products as accessible as possible. Mick adds, “We have sample jars for pretty much every consistency of concentrate because a lot of the concentrates come in, opaque packaging and if you can’t see it, that’s such a hard thing to buy.” The sample jars provide you with a visual preview of the product inside, allowing you to inspect its texture, color, and overall appearance. We’ve found that customers love having this options to see the product before they buy it. It really makes it much more accessible, especially for customers who haven’t tried concentrates before.


Cultivating Community Connections


Building connections within the local communities where we have dispensary locations is a pillar of the R.Greenleaf ethos, Mick shared, “we really push to be a part of every local event and community building event that we can be.” We’re not just here to provide cannabis products; we’re here to uplift our local community. We partner with neighboring businesses, offering their teams exclusive discounts, and we’ve recently contacted several animal shelters in the area, inviting them to host adoption events at our West Side location to help connect adoptable pets with their future families.


A Glimpse into the Future


Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to announce some exciting initiatives. Soon, we’ll introduce an express lane for online orders, making your dispensary visit even quicker and more convenient. Mick shares, “We’ll have a dedicated corner so when customers place an online order, they can come right in, and they’ll be the next person served. They’ll be able to get in and out superfast like they want, which is awesome.” We’re also expanding our product offerings, including items from Everest, our sister brand, to provide you with an even wider selection.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and initiatives, and we can’t wait to see you at our R.Greenleaf West Side dispensary location soon!

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