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Elite Shelf
Brand Name THC
i HDRLouis XIII 33.9%
i R. GreenleafParty Foul 27.9%
i R. GreenleafPrimetime 26.6%
i VANAObama Runtz 26.0%
i R. GreenleafCataract 25.8%
i R. GreenleafGarlic Breath 23.7%
i R. GreenleafBlueberry Muffin 20.4%
i R. GreenleafCat Trap 20.1%
h R. GreenleafTrapstar 29.2%
h VANAStrawberry Sugar 25.8%
h R. GreenleafMilk Bone 24.7%
h R. GreenleafCookies and Cream 23.9%
h R. GreenleafWhite Widow x Big Bud 20.1%
h R. GreenleafBlue Dream 15.9%
s HDRSour Diesel x Kush Mints 33.7%
s LW OrganicsTommy G 26.9%
s R. GreenleafCheetah Piss 26.5%
s HDRCherry AK-47 25.9%
s VANASour Lemon Punch 25.4%
s R. GreenleafDozizoz 24.4%
s HDRTropicana Cherry #8 19.8%
Connoisseur Shelf
Brand Name THC
i High NoonBiscotti Pie 28.3%
i Enchanted Bot.Peach Pie 27.3%
i Enchanted Bot.Modified Grapes 25.3%
i R. GreenleafSilver Kush 24%
h R. GreenleafSlapz 29.1%
h Seed JunkyBanana Cream 28.8%
h R. GreenleafBuddha Tahoe 28.4%
h R. GreenleafSky-walker 27.2%
h High NoonCrystal Cookies 27.0%
h R. GreenleafMiracle Alien Cookies 26.6%
h CookiesGary Payton 25.9%
h Seed JunkyPurple Push Pop 25.1%
s Seed JunkyLemon Cherry 30.2%
s CookiesCereal A La Mode 27.9%
s High NoonGushers X Grease Monkey 26.5%
Premier Shelf
Brand Name THC
c Prohib. 37Green Crack 8.98%
i OddfellowGMO 27.6%
i R. GreenleafTerp Town 25.4%
i OddfellowImperial OG 23.3%
i R. GreenleafCherry Cake 22.4%
i R. GreenleafFlavor Crystals 22.4%
h R. GreenleafMac Stomper 19.2%
h R. GreenleafIce Cream Cake 18%
s R. GreenleafJack Herer 26%
s R. GreenleafStrawberry Parfait 18.6%
Select Shelf
Brand Name THC
i Maggie's FarmBubblegum 24.2%
i R. GreenleafKimbo Kush 23.6%
h Maggie's FarmApple Fritter 21.3%
h Maggie's FarmTri-Fi 20.9%
h Maggie's FarmChemodo Dragon 19.7%
h Maggie's FarmBlue Chocolate 19.5%
s VANABittersweet 27.4%
s Maggie's FarmKeep Tahoe Blue 24%
s Maggie's FarmSlazerbeam 21.5%
s Maggie's FarmElectric Lemon 20.2%
s Maggie's FarmHercules 18.2%
OZ Special
Brand Name THC
i R. GreenleafEntrapment Indica Blend 24.4%
h R. GreenleafEntrapment Hybrid Blend 20.9%
s R. GreenleafEntrapment Sativa Blend 25.7%


Clovis Recreational

2009 Ross St Clovis, NM 88101