Mendo Purps

Mendo Purps -

White Scale: 


Prior to opening the bag, the vibrant purple of the bud contrasted by the beautiful red/orange hairs and sparkling appearance caused by the multitude of trichomes really caught my eye. My senses were greeted by a delightfully sweet yet spicy smell upon opening the bag. The bud itself was very dense and each time I broke off a piece and loaded a bowl, it seemed like the bud had barely lost anything.


This is a strain I’d smoke just so I could taste it. While the smoke expanded quickly, it was super smooth and left an amazing aftertaste of candy in the back of my throat. The smoke was sweet, almost fruity, spicy like incense, and also a little chemical tasting.

The Experience (high tolerance):

The effects kicked in almost immediately. A wave of relaxation washed over my body and lead into a strong sedation within about 5 minutes after smoking. While my head wasn’t high, it was very relaxed but clear. My body pain was non-existent for the duration, my appetite kicked in, and all I felt like doing was relaxing and enjoying whatever I felt like. This strain is perfect for anyone who needs help sleeping, chronic pain relief, appetite issues, stress relief, and depression. In total, the experience lasted for a good 1.5 - 2 hours. That being said, I STRONGLY CAUTION any beginner cannabis users to please consume/smoke this strain in moderation. If you are smoking or vaporizing, take one good hit and let the effects settle in for about 10 minutes before you decide to take another.

Mendo Purps office insights:

Mendo Purps is one of the most popular strains at R. Greenleaf. With a beautiful deep purple color and slightly chemi, slightly berry flavors its no wonder why. Medically Mendo Purps is an excellent strain for body and head pain. Feedback from patients describes it as helpful for increasing appetite, and relieving anxiety. A strong plant Mendo is also considered by many to be introspective.

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