G13 x Haze

G13 x Haze -

White Scale: 


These buds have a striking color of dark and light green, speckled by red hairs strewn across the surface. While the buds have only a light smell pre-grind, upon breaking into a bud a spicy, fresh, almost menthol-like smell erupts from it. They are compact and fairly dense.


While the smoke isn’t harsh at all, there is not much of a noticeable taste to the smoke. It was pretty neutral overall.

The Experience:

The effects of this medicine come on quickly and they rapidly increase in strength until you feel sky high. My first time trying the medicine made me feel a tiny bit overwhelmed and my heart even started to race. It is quite psychoactive for the first 45-75 minutes or so and then slowly tapers off over another 60-90 minutes. However, I felt very jubilant and joyful while I was medicated. While it might take some getting used to the first few times you medicate with this strain, I feel like it is a wonderful daytime strain with the ability to allow for the patient to forget about their pains and worries. I’d caution PTSD or high anxiety patients to be mindful of the potential for an increase in anxiety or panicky feelings upon first medicating each time.

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$12.00 / g
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